These Legends’ Grandchildren Look So Much Like Them!


Family heirlooms and inheritances can often become a source of conflict between relatives. It’s a sad reality that plenty of relationships have turned sour because of arguments over the division of wealth. While people may not always inherit the tangible assets they’re after, there is an aspect of inheritance handled entirely by nature. We’re talking, of course, about the family resemblances that keep people connected, even when there are many years standing between them.

These aesthetic qualities are only to be expected between siblings and parents and children, but there are a unique few who skip a generation or two when passing on certain distinctive traits. The multi-generational lookalikes we’re about to introduce you to raise another interesting question: What if intangible traits such as talent, personality, and success are passed on along with the obvious physical ones? Given the remarkable talent of these celebrities, this hypothesis is entirely possible. Read on to learn more about the old-school stars whose equally famous grandchildren resemble them in looks and in talent.

Alain Delon’s Granddaughter: Alyson Le Borges


We’re sure you’ll agree that Alyson Le Borges is a knockout. The French beauty has a well-established presence in both the acting and modeling worlds. Have you seen her in the French film Blue Island? She’s a natural!

Her grandfather Alain Delon was an incredibly popular “pretty boy” in his time. From the side-by-side comparison, it’s clear where Alyson got her beauty and charm from. Following in Alain’s footsteps, she is making a significant impression in the film industry in France. We hope she becomes as successful as her grandfather.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s Granddaughter: Rose Kennedy Schlossberg


Before she became John F. Kennedy’s wife, the First Lady of the United States, and an icon of style and culture, Jackie Kennedy was Jacqueline Lee Bouvier. Although she passed away on May 19, 1994, her beautiful face and legendary style live on.

Case in point: her granddaughter Rose Kennedy Schlossberg looks very much like her. With strong genes, such beauty and elegance cannot be denied. In addition to the striking physical inheritance, Rose is an heiress to the Kennedy fortune. There are a lot of reasons to be jealous of Rose!

John Barrymore’s Granddaughter: Drew Barrymore


Born and raised under the spotlight, actress Drew Barrymore’s future was deeply influenced by the acting clan she was raised by – the Barrymores. The famed actress is one of the last surviving members of the dynasty. Aside from her award-winning acting prowess, Drew also shares some distinctive physical features with her late grandfather John Barrymore who was one of the biggest movie stars of his generation.

Unfortunately, Drew also inherited her grandfather’s tendencies for substance abuse. The latter passed away due to alcohol-related health issues. Thankfully, Drew was able to defy her genes and overcome her drug addiction after undergoing rehab at just 14 years of age.

Ernest Hemingway’s Granddaughter: Dree Hemingway


Ernest Hemingway is one of the world’s most acclaimed literary giants. Even if you’ve never read one of his books, you certainly would’ve heard of The Old Man and the Sea and In Love and War. Hemingway’s contributions to literature and journalism earned him both a Nobel Prize and a Pulitzer Award. Though his great-grandchild Dree Hemingway inherited his wonderful genes, it seems that she does not share her his interest in literature.

Nevertheless, Dree is becoming a popular figure in the fashion industry. As a matter of fact, she has worked with designer brands such as Givenchy and Calvin Klein. Her résumé also includes a growing number of acting gigs.

Roxie Roker’s Granddaughter: Zoe Kravitz


Actress, singer, and model Zoe Kravitz must be very grateful for the strong acting and singing genes in their family. Well, her father is none other than world-renowned musician Lenny Kravitz, and her grandmother is Bahamian TV actress Roxie Albertha Roker, who has won multiple awards for her outstanding performances!

Zoe’s breakthrough role came in the 2011 superhero film X-Men: First Class, where she portrayed Angel Salvadore. She also appeared in The Divergent Series and Mad Max: Fury Road, and still continues to land interesting roles both on the small and big screens. Here’s wishing Zoe all the best in her flourishing career!

Paul McCartney’s Grandson: Arthur Donald


Could the young man on the right be Paul MacCartney’s doppelganger? Truth be told, this Yale undergrad student looks so familiar because he is McCartney’s grandson. Arthur Donald’s resemblance to his famous grandpa is truly uncanny.

Despite the fact that student debt is a massive problem for most American students, we have a feeling that McCartney’s eldest grandchild has no issues in paying the super expensive tuition fees at his Ivy League school. Did you know that his grandpa is worth more than $1 billion?

Charlie Chaplin’s Grandson: James Thierrée


Did you know that filmmaker and comedian Charlie Chaplin has at least 26 grandchildren (that we know of)? That’s a pretty impressive number! The fact that he fathered eleven kids makes the number a little less shocking. Interestingly, it appears that Charlie and his fourth wife Oona O’Neill had really strong genes.

All of Charlie’s children bear a striking resemblance to him. But his grandson James Thierrée bears the closest resemblance. Thierrée has inherited Charlie’s bone structure, piercing eyes, and signature curly mane. Before we forget, Thierrée is a pro circus performer, violinist, and theatrical performer. So, it seems he absolutely inherited his grandpa’s talents too!

Elvis Presley’s Granddaughter: Riley Keough


We all know that Elvis Presley is one of the world’s biggest music icons. We also know that the King of Rock and Roll enjoyed acting almost as much as singing. What some don’t know is that Elvis left a living legacy, not just in his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, but in his granddaughter, Riley Keough.

Both Lisa Marie and Riley inherited Elvis’ beautiful eyes, high cheekbones, and curved lips. And just like her grandpa, Riley has a natural talent for performance. The beautiful model and actress has appeared in movies such as Magic Mike and American Honey. We’re sure this talented woman will go a long, long way thanks to her acting chops and the good genes she got from her mom and grandpa!

Queen Elizabeth’s Grandsons: Prince William And Prince Harry


Finding a person who’s never heard of Prince William and Prince Harry would be an impossible task. These dashing royal siblings grew up in the public eye. After all, their parents are Prince Charles and Lady Diana. When their mother tragically died in 1997, it was a difficult time for the royal children, especially Prince Harry who reportedly took her death harder.

Now that they’ve both matured, they have become busy with their royal duties, including plenty of charity work and raising their beautiful families. Prince William is the father of three lovely children, while Prince Harry is a new father to his first child.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Grandson: Quinn Tivey


Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most loved movie stars of the 20th century. Her lovely face captivated the world, particularly thanks to her unique, violet-hued irises – the result of a rare genetic mutation that also gave her two rows of luscious eyelashes!

The British-American actress married eight times, and although she died in 2011, her sweet memory lives on. In fact, her grandson Quinn Tivey is the perfect male version of her. Tivey is the son of Liza Todd, Taylor’s only child. He serves as one of the trustees of his grandmother’s charitable organization, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Bob Dylan’s Grandson: Pablo Dylan


During the 2010s, Pablo Dylan started catching attention as “Bob Dylan’s rapping grandson.” When the talented musician was just 15 years old, he dropped his own mixtape called “10 Minutes.” Since then, he’s worked with big names in the music industry such as OG Maco, ASAP Rocky, and Brent Faiyaz. Surprisingly, Pablo decided to leave the world of rap behind and venture into a genre his grandpa’s fans would be more into – folk rock music!

This is when the public and the media started to make comparisons between him and his grandfather, Bob Dylan. The fro genes were definitely passed down! Bob’s grandson still loves hip hop, rap, and R&B, and is a big fan of Kanye West.

Grace Kelly’s Granddaughter: Charlotte Casiraghi


One of the biggest stars of the Golden Age of Television, Grace Patricia Kelly is still adored to this day. Aside from her impressive acting skills that won her Golden Globe and Academy awards, her royal status as the Princess of Monaco won the hearts of the general public.

She and husband Prince Rainier III of Monaco were doting parents to their eldest child, Caroline, whose daughter Charlotte Casiraghi is as stunning as her grandmother. These royal women certainly share similar eyebrows and cheekbones! Needless to say, Casiraghi is part of the line of succession since she is a member of the royal Monegasque family.

Donald Sutherland’s Granddaughter: Sarah Sutherland


This photograph is all you need to see to know that Sarah Sutherland and Donald Sutherland are related. The young star has strong acting roots, not just from her famous grandpa, but also from her talented dad – 24 actor Kiefer Sutherland.

If you’re trying to figure out where you recognize her from, Sarah plays Catherine Meyer on HBO’s wildly popular show Veep. Her character requires her to be someone who is always nervous and anxious, and Sarah has truly nailed it. After all, she’s her father’s daughter and her grandfather’s granddaughter! These important men in her life are both recipients of Emmy Award and other accolades.

Princess Diana’s Granddaughter: Princess Charlotte


It’s pretty clear that the adorable Princess Charlotte bears a resemblance to her grandmother, Diana, the late Princess of Wales. Indeed, their doll eyes and blonde hair look almost identical. It’s lovely to see Princess Diana’s beauty and charm living on in this little girl.

We hope that this cute princess will become as kind and compassionate as Princess Diana. After all, she shares genes with her late grandmother whose glamour and activism made her an icon all over the world. However, she’s still far too little for any of that, so we’ll all have to wait to see how the second child of Prince William and Kate Middleton turns out.

Tippi Hedren’s Granddaughter: Stella Banderas


When you have Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith as your parents, you are guaranteed stunning looks. However, Stella Banderas seems to have skipped her parents and taken her beauty from her grandma instead. Stella’s grandmother is the actress, animal rights activist, and former fashion model Tippi Hedren (Melanie Griffith’s mother).

Tippi received international recognition for her roles in movies like The Birds and Marnie. And here’s another fun fact about the Hollywood legend: she earned $1.5 million in 2013 from a malpractice settlement. This side-by-side comparison reveals that Tippi and Stella share similar eyes and adorable noses.

Anne Gwynne’s Grandson: Chris Pine


We can’t think of anyone who’s not familiar with the handsome Chris Pine. But, did you know the Star Trek star comes from a long line of Hollywood legends? His parents are both actors, and his grandmother was Anne Gwynne.

This Hollywood diva was famous for being one of the world’s first horror movie “scream queens,” and also for being a pin-up girl during World War II. Pine and Gwynne share remarkably similar facial features – check out those matching hooded eyes and full lips. Unfortunately, Gwynne passed away from a stroke in 2003. Though she did do well, making it to the age of 84.

Roald Dahl’s Granddaughter: Sophie Dahl


British novelist, short story writer, and poet Roald Dahl is every child’s literary hero. His skills in story-telling are so impeccable that his contribution to literature earned him respect as “one of the greatest storytellers for children of the 20th century.” He passed away in the 90s, yet his memory lingers in the presence of his grandchild Sophie Dahl.

Although the gorgeous model is successful in the fashion world, she has reportedly had a tougher time landing gigs than models who are skinnier than her. We hope size will cease to be such an issue in the modeling industry. Did we mention that the character “Sophie” in Roald’s book The BFG was inspired by the real-life Sophie?

Elia Kazan’s Granddaughter: Zoe Kazan


The star of HBO’s Olive Kitteridge, Zoe Kazan, is part of a prominent Hollywood dynasty. She is the daughter of screenwriter Nicholas Kazan and the granddaughter of acclaimed director Elia Kazan. Looking at this picture, it’s easy to spot the similarities between these two, despite the generation gap. Their distinctive eyes and nose make the familial connection immediately obvious.

While his genetic features suit Zoe well, we hope she doesn’t inherit his dubious talent for creating controversy. The public never forgave him for his involvement in the anti-communist witch hunts that were introduced by Senator McCarthy in the 1950s.

Berry Gordy’s Grandson: Sky Blu


Record executive Berry Gordy’s grandchild Mahogany has been making waves in the music scene. However, he has another grandchild, Skyler Austen Gordy, whose star is also rising. Skyler is actually better-known as “Sky Blu,” and he is living proof that this family is rich with talent.

Sky Blu is a member of an electronic dance music group called LMFAO and his uncle Redfoo is part of the same group. LMFAO has released phenomenal hits like “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sorry for Party Rocking.” We are definitely looking forward to hearing more of Sky Blu’s great work!

Samuel Goldwyn’s Grandson: Tony Goldwyn


Film icon Samuel Goldwyn (also known as Samuel Goldfish) was best known for producing movies along with Paramount Pictures at the time when the film studio was still a startup. Goldwyn was running the small studio with his brother-in-law, and the rest, as they say, is Hollywood history.

Unlike his grandpa who preferred working behind the camera, Tony Goldwyn loves nothing more than being front and center. Since he began his career in the 1990s, he’s appeared in several films and TV shows. One of his most recognizable roles was his controversial character in the movie Ghost. We’re sure Samuel Goldwyn was one proud grandfather.

George H. W. Bush’s Granddaughter: Jenna Bush-Hager


Did you know that the grandfather of Jenna Bush-Hager is none other than the 41st President of the United States of America? Jenna and her twin sister Barbara’s father is George W. Bush. Even though she was born and raised in a family that is highly focused on politics, Jenna is creating a remarkable impression as a journalist and teacher.

She became an author for Southern Living and also completed an apprenticeship at UNICEF. Jenna certainly epitomizes a woman of ambition and hard work. Indeed, she learned from her family that these characteristics are crucial. We wouldn’t be surprised to see her stepping into politics soon.

Winston Churchill’s Granddaughter: Arabella Churchill


If you’re a history geek, you’re most likely familiar with British politician and writer Winston Churchill. Following Neville Chamberlain’s resignation, he became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945. Churchill is known all over the world for his efforts during World War II. Indeed, his role in world history is unforgettable.

His granddaughter Arabella Churchill took a huge interest in culture, especially in the field of arts. She inherited a love of philanthropic endeavors from her grandfather. As a matter of fact, she was responsible for founding and directing the Children’s World Charity.

John Carradine’s Granddaughter: Ever Carradine


Actress Ever Carradine is the grandchild of the prolific actor John Carradine. He was at the peak of his career back in the ‘40s, starring in films such as The Grapes of Wrath and Stagecoach. Until his death in 1988, John appeared regularly in Western films, Shakespearean theater productions, and horror movies.

His granddaughter seemed destined to follow a similar path. Ever’s acting portfolio is quite impressive. She can currently be seen in the critically-acclaimed Netflix show, The Handmaid’s Tale, where she plays the role of Naomi Putnam, and on MCU’s Runaways as Janet Stein.

Patty Duke’s Granddaughter: Ali Astin


In case you don’t recognize her name, Patty Duke started her film career at a very young age, winning an Academy Award when she was only 16 years old. It was her moving performance in the 1962 film The Miracle Worker that earned her an Oscar. A year later, her very own The Patty Duke Show started airing. Dedicated to her craft, she kept working until 2015.

Although Patty died in 2016, her legacy lives on in the presence of her granddaughter, Alexandra Astin, who bears a striking resemblance to her. Ali’s first acting gig was in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Her most recent project was a horror movie titled Bad Kids of Crestview Academy.

Bob Elliott’s Granddaughter: Abby Elliott


Bob Elliott was widely known as one-half of the comedy duo, Bob and Ray; a partnership that spanned five decades. Bob had a remarkable career, with appearances on shows such as Saturday Night Live, Get A Life, and King of the Hill.

While he passed away in 2016, we are sure that he led a great life pursuing his dreams and making people happy. His granddaughter, Abby Elliott, also joined the Saturday Night Live show for four years before she decided to seek other projects. She’s since had a number of film and television roles. The family’s acting gene is pretty intimidating!

Wellington Mara’s Granddaughter: Kate Mara


If you’re a big fan of superhero films, you probably recognized Kate Mara as Sue Storm from the film adaptation of The Fantastic Four. Or you might know her as Wellington Mara’s granddaughter. The elder Mara is widely known as a co-owner of the New York Giants.

Mara is still considered one of the most influential figures in NFL history. His granddaughter doesn’t seem to have inherited his interest in sports, but Kate proved that she is one talented actress. She started her career in 1999 and can now be seen on shows such as American Horror Story: Murder House, 24, and House of Cards.

Jackie Gleason’s Grandson: Jason Patric


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Take it from actor Jason Patric who is the son of Jason Miller and the grandson of Jackie Gleason. Even though Jason has the walking stick that belonged to his late grandpa, he revealed that he did not share a close relationship with the latter. Sadly, he did not have the chance to get to know his grandpa because the elder man was a very private person.

According to Patric, his grandfather was lonely but also cherished his isolation. Even so, we bet that Patric feels fortunate to be a member of the talented family.

Blythe Danner’s Granddaughter: Apple Martin


Multi-award-winning movie star Blythe Danner’s genes are so strong that her daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow – the star of Meet the Parents and The Great Santini – is almost a mirror image of her. Even her granddaughter, Apple Martin, inherited her doe-eyed beauty and signature blonde locks.

The matriarch recently celebrated her 76th birthday, yet she is still full of youthful vigor and is working on a number of projects as we speak. She has already appeared in four movies this year and will be reprising the character of Will’s mother in the reboot of the comedy series Will and Grace.

Steve McQueen’s Grandson: Steven R. McQueen

Steve McQueen’s ruggedly handsome face and adventurous demeanor made him one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars in his time. Nicknamed “The King of Cool,” he is best known for movies such as The Great Escape, The Cincinnati Kid and The Magnificent Seven. Unfortunately, the icon battled mesothelioma back in the ‘80s.

It is assumed that he got the disease due to constant asbestos exposure when he was shooting films. McQueen fathered two children, and one of his grandsons, Steven R. McQueen, was named after him. The two men share more than just a name with each one boasting impressive acting skills and charming smiles.

Cyril Cusack’s Grandson: Max Irons


English-Irish actor Max Irons was born to actors Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack. One look at this side-by-side comparison and it’s clear that the handsome Max inherited his looks from his legendary grandpa, Cyril Cusack. As with many of the celebrities on this list, Max also inherited the family’s performance skills.

Max’s father was not initially supportive of his son’s dreams of becoming an actor. Though this may sound hypocritical, Jeremy was just looking out for his kid who has dyslexia (making it incredibly challenging to learn scripts). But the determined Max worked hard to achieve his ambition – and he succeeded. So far, he has starred in Red Riding Hood, The Riot Club, and The Host. Did we mention that he used to work in a bar to support himself financially?

Royal Dano’s Grandson: Hutch Dano


Hutch Dano is the son of Rick Dano and the grandson of Royal Dano. Hutch is best-known for his role on Disney’s Zeke and Luther. He once visited Disneyland purely so he could go to the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln stage show and hear his granddad’s voice.

You see, Royal Dano provided the voice of President Abraham Lincoln in the show. Hutch said that his grandpa was his inspiration for being an actor. Thankfully, he inherited more than just his looks from Royal. The talented young actor has already earned himself a net worth of $1.1 million!

Richard Davalos’s Granddaughter: Alexa Davalos


Being a Davalos means living up to extreme pressure and public scrutiny. This is Alexa Davalos’ day-to-day reality. After all, she has actress Elyssa Davalos as her mother and actor Richard Davalos as her grandfather. Can you imagine the pressure to succeed?

At 17 years of age, Alexa was set on being independent, so she left home and started modeling before eventually pursuing theatre. On the stage, she found her true passion was with acting. The lovely actress landed roles in films such as Clash of the Titans and on television shows like The Man in the High Castle and Mob City. We’re sure you’ll make it big in no time, Alexa!

Ringo Starr’s Granddaughter: Tatia Starkey


Musician Ringo Starr may never have been The Beatles’ most famous member, but his granddaughter Tatia Starkey’s birth made him the first grandfather in the English rock band. That’s one claim to fame they can’t take from the talented drummer! And it gets even better than that…

In 2016, Tatia gave birth, making Ringo the first Beatle to become a great-grandfather. That’s epic, right? Tatia is a huge fan of her grandpa and his band. In fact, she is a musician herself, and we’re sure that Ringo is a big inspiration in her music. We hope that her son, Stone, will also inherit the Ringo Starr looks and musical talent!

Tippi Hedren’s Granddaughter: Dakota Johnson


Even though Tippi Hedren is already on this list because of her resemblance to her other grandchild, Stella Banderas, we had to give the actress a second look. It seems Tippi’s genes are determined to make it into the younger generations as she also shares remarkable similarities with another one of her granddaughters, actress Dakota Johnson. Tippi’s daughter, Melanie Griffith, gave birth to Johnson after she completed her stint in rehab. Just like her mom and grandma, Johnson is an impressive actress and a gorgeous woman!

She made her film debut at a young age, appearing in Crazy in Alabama. However, her breakthrough role came when she won the lead role of Anastasia Steele in the 2015 movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Did we mention that she won the role over Lucy Hale, Felicity Jones, and Elizabeth Olsen?

Debbie Reynolds’ Granddaughter: Billie Lourd


Even the biggest stars in show business have their tragic moments. Iconic actress Debbie Reynolds died the day after her daughter Carrie Fisher passed away in 2019. Despite these unfortunate events, Debbie Reynolds’ legacy still lives on.

Indeed, the actress enjoyed a decorated career that spanned more than sixty years. And her granddaughter Billie Lourd clearly inherited her beauty and charm (check their sweet smiles). It seems she has the acting gene too, just like her famous mom and grandma. The young actress has appeared in multiple projects, including Scream Queen and American Horror Story: Cult. Needless to say, she also inherited the family fortune. Lucky girl!

Charlie Sheen’s Granddaughter: Luna


Born Carlos Irwin Estévez, Charlie Sheen became a grandfather at just 47 years of age. This happened back in 2013 when his daughter gave birth to her first child. Even though the Spin City star is a doting grandpa to his beautiful little granddaughter, he doesn’t like being called a grandfather. The term just doesn’t fit well with his hard-partying lifestyle!

In an interview on David Letterman’s show, Sheen explained: “Me as a grandfather, Dave… I don’t know. It’s like the world’s going to crack in half.” He also added that being a grandfather is “fabulous” and explained, “it’s just not a title I’m ready to adopt.” We hope Charlie’s grandkid will inherit his acting skills and his striking good looks. But we also hope little Luna manages to avoid making the epic mistakes he’s so famous for.

Pierce Brosnan’s Granddaughter: Isabelle Sophie


In addition to starring in four James Bond movies, did you know that Irish actor Pierce Brosnan is a hero in real life as well? He actually adopted two of his five children. Charlotte, one of his adopted children, gave birth to her first child when Pierce was just 44 years old.

That’s a young age to be a grandpa (as we just learned from Charlie Sheen), but we’re sure he’s doing a good job babysitting his cute granddaughter, Isabelle Sophie. We hope this adorable kid will grow up to be as sweet and successful as her grandfather.