Who’s The Richest? Check Out The Net Worth Of The Celebrities

Celebrities are known to be on TV and in movies a lot, and they are part of our culture. But another thing to consider is that they are also accumulating a lot of money as they do these things. Which is why you will be shocked that some of them got to accrue a ton of money throughout the years. Here are some of the net worth numbers for important celebrities you might already know.

Kylie Jenner – $900 Million

Kylie Jenner got to earn approximately a billion because she has been in the spotlight for many years in a row. She was 10 years old when she was featured in Keeping Up with the Kardashians and she has been a part of the show ever since. And now she is one of the youngest billionaires in the entire world. It’s quite interesting how much one can accrue from a reality show, but then again it’s a good way to showcase the fact that yes, such shows do tend to pay off very well. She also has the Kylie Cosmetics line that’s around $360 million in value, so it’s easy to see how she got this rich.

Beyoncé – $500 Million

Everyone knows Beyoncé and she has been a part of the music industry for almost 2 decades. Ever since she launched her music career as a solo artist she blew up, so it was clear that Destiny’s Child was keeping her from shining. Now she has a whole lot of expensive items and you can see why, with an income so high, you can imagine that she can afford all kinds of expensive stuff, and that’s something to think about. She even rented out the Louvre at one point, a testament to how rich she is.

Kanye West – $6.6 Billion

He just may be one of the exceptions to the advice of not to quit your day job to become a musician. Kanye has rapped his way to the top receiving 21 Grammys over the years. In addition to the numerous award wins, he has a net worth in the billions to show for all of his hard work. In addition to his rapping, he has been the spokesperson for some lucrative brands like Yeezy and Adidas. Yeezy is the brand that skyrocketed his income into the billions. In addition to this, he has millions of dollars worth of real estate assets and his music.

Simon Cowell – $600 Million

Simon Cowell didn’t create music on his own, but he did become a manager for some really popular bands like Westlife or Five. But a lot of people know him at this time form X Factor or American Idol where he is a judge. On top of that, he still is a good manager for a variety of people like One Direction, Leona Lewis, Il divo and so on. The fact that he has half a billion net worth is not that surprising, considering his work.

Dr. Dre – $830 Million

Dr. Dre was initially a part of the NWA, but he eventually went the solo route and he did the right thing there. He signed other rappers like 50 Cent and Eminem which also made a whole lot of money. And he also created the Beats by Dre headphones. He owns only ¼ of the company, but that’s still more than enough to rack up a lot of money. And that clearly says a lot about his commitment and hard work he uses here.

Steven Spielberg – $3.7 Billion

This multi-billionaire is ranked the second richest celebrity on the planet falling in line only after George Lucas. With huge movie success titles, like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or Raiders of the Lost Ark, most people don’t realize that Steven Spielberg got his start in 1974 with his first theatrical feature called The Sugarland Express. Not a bad journey that started with nothing more than a little boy who had a very large and vivid imagination and knew how to make his dreams come true. He lives out those dreams in his numerous homes totaling more than $200 million in real estate.

The Kardashian Family – $2 Billion

It all started with a defense attorney of O.J. Simpson and an Olympic athlete. The Kardashians are featured in a reality TV series and many spin-offs on the E! Network. The show follows relationships and happenings of each of the Kardashian family members, from mom Kris Jenner who is the mother of six kids from two marriages, to daughters, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian as well as Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Today they are household names whose fame and income just keeps growing. Each family member featured on the reality television shows are worth millions. Together, the entire family has reached billionaire status.

Jerry Seinfeld – $950 Million

This comedian’s net worth is no laughing matter. Although, Jerry Seinfeld may be the one laughing all the way to the bank. He attained his wealthy status largely due to his successful sitcom that hold his own last name, Seinfeld. He wasn’t an overnight success, however. It took him 15 years to climb the ladder of success before hitting the big time after making an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson and then David Letterman’s show. He started the show earning $20,000 per episode. By the time the show was in its final season, this stand up comedian was the first television actor to earn $1 million per episode.

Kobe Bryant – $600 Million

Kobe Bryant who tragedy died in 2020, was at the top of the NBA for a very long time and he got to earn more and more throughout the years. After playing in the NBA Bryant had lots of sponsors, for all kinds of businesses that he created, so he was doing very well for himself. It shows that even sports professionals can earn a lot of money and gain a lot if they are smart investors. In the end, celebrities can earn a lot of money, even if most of their income will come from different places. It’s safe to say that if you earn a lot and you invest smart, you can get millions and millions. So it does pay off big time, as long as you know how to manage the money. And as you can see, many celebrities know what it takes to win and also handle so many millions!

Leonardo DiCaprio – $260 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio is known for the fact that he is a very good actor. He started on Growing Pains, but he then got to play a whole lot of movies. He was nominated for the Oscars for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, but then he blew up with Titanic. Since then Leonardo DiCaprio has managed to start a variety of businesses, and he did star in a multitude of movies too. All of this adds up to bring him a whole lot of money through a very fruitful and powerful career that got to grow during the years. He doesn’t have a wife nor did he divorce, and that ended up helping him keep the income.

Kim Kardashian – $1 Billion

Her entire family is worth over a billion dollars, but Kim’s contribution to this is nothing to sneeze at. This model has become so famous that you would be hard pressed to find any American who has never heard the name Kim Kardashian. Recently, got divorced from rapper Kanye West, the two shared more than wealth together, and have four children, Saint, North, Psalm, and Chicago. She also has launched the KKW Beauty Line which brings in a hefty $100 million a year. In 2015 she became the highest paid celebrity on the planet. She owns a multi-million dollar mansion in Bel Air, but she and Kanye’s main house is one in Hidden Hills that used to belong to Lisa Marie Presley.

Sir Paul McCartney – $1.2 Billion

Sir Paul McCartney was one of the original Fab Four, The Beatles, who changed the sound of rock ‘n roll in the 1960s. He is one of the two members of the band who is still living and continues to tour and collect millions every year in royalties and licensing fees. He was married long term to photographer Linda who turned him onto the vegetarian lifestyle. Paul was officially knighted to attain the title of Sir Paul McCartney. Wherever he decides to travel, he will always have a place to stay. He owns more than $100 million in real estate around the world.

JK Rowling – $1 Billion

JK Rowling is the first author anywhere to become a billionaire. This Harry Potter author is one of the wealthiest private citizens in the United Kingdom. She has donated a great deal of her acquired wealth to charities. Often, she donates in private. Of course, she didn’t start out on the top. When she was little, she would write her own fantasy short fiction stories and then read them to her sister. It may have been the highlight of a very rough childhood. When she came up with the idea of a boy discovering he was a wizard, she was anxious to submit her works to a publisher. Not so fast! She was turned down by 12 publishing houses before one gave her the go ahead nod.

Celine Dion – $800 Million

She may have started out in life as the youngest of 14 children, but she has climbed to the top. This Canadian singer has put her talent to good use selling more than 220 million albums to date. Her big break began with Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast when her duet with Peabo Bryson made the title track. At one point, she was the highest grossing entertainer in the entire world. Some of her hard-earned wealth went to starting a family via in-vitro fertilization. She eventually would give birth to 3 sons. She has lived in lavish homes on private beaches. When her husband was still living, the pair spent $7 million on a mansion on Jupiter Island. After his death, she split her time between mansions in Paris and Las Vegas.

Tom Cruise – $570 Million

This American actor has been the face of starring roles on some top name hit movies, Risky Business and Top Gun. His love and family life have been heavily publicized for all to scrutinize as was his connection to Scientology. He has probably sold more multi-million dollar properties than most people could ever dream of owning. While he is successful in finances, he has not been so successfully luck in love. He has been married and divorced three times to some top-name, well-recognized women, including Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes. From these relationships, he has fathered three children.

Rihanna – $550 Million

With success like hers, who needs anything more than just one name to get recognized? This singer is worth more than almost any other in the world. She was born as Robyn Rihanna Fenty and had a rocky childhood with a volatile home environment. Over the years, she has also represented several brands. She had a contract with Samsung to promote their Galaxy line, Secret Body Spray, MAC Cosmetics, Budweiser, Armani, Dior, Cover Girl, Gucci, and Clinique. She later launched her own makeup line called Fenty and a lingerie brand, savage X Fenty. She is very generous with her money and has been known as one of the most philanthropic celebrities in the world.

Bruce Springsteen – $500 Million

The Boss is not quite the leader in richest musicians, but he’s in the top portion. His musicianship has lasted over several decades as both a solo musician and the leader of the E Street Band. As a kid from New Jersey, he hasn’t done bad for himself in any regard. Off stage, his love life has been in the spotlight with many notable relationships. He once married actress Julianne Phillips. He was in a relationship with Patti Scialfa that resulted in a marriage that produced three children. His music often expressed political statements. He also owns some pretty hefty amounts of mansions including a home near Mike Bloomberg and Bill Gates.

Mick Jagger – $360 Million

The Celebrity Couple With the Biggest Age Gap Were Born 43 Years Apart This English singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer gained fame as the lead singer of The Rolling Stones. His full title is Sir Michael Philip Jagger. It was his recognizable voice that got him noticed. He may have had luck with success and finances, but his personal life leaves him with a breakup to Jerry Hall and a divorce to L’Wren Scott. He also has eight children with five different women and five grandchildren. So, it looks like his wealth is shared among a lot of dependents and responsibilities. He just may need to continue singing for his supper at that rate.

The Olsen Twins – $500 Million

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen's Most Iconic Outfits Prove The Twins ... Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made their rise to fame on the seemingly never ending Full House. Together, they are worth $500 million to share. Though, their net worth is identical, they are not identical twins. They are fraternal. They started acting at 6 months of age. The pair spent their 18th birthday becoming co-presidents of Dualstar. Their continued career is knee-deep in fashion with a ready-to-wear clothing line that is sold at Wal-Mart. They also have a couture line, The Row. The two like to keep their personal lives private, but it became known that Ashley was quietly dating artist Louis Eisner for several years. Meanwhile, Mary-Kate married Nicolas Sarkozy in 2015.

Yoko Ono – $700 Million

Yoko Ono to attend opening of her Moscow exhibition in autumn 2019 ... This Japanese artist and outspoken advocate for peace was introduced to the world when John Lennon broke up his marriage and entered a relationship with Yoko Ono. The two shared a son, Sean, together after she had first suffered a miscarriage early on in their marriage. During the Vietnam war, she and John were very vocal about their feelings to the point of broadcasting Bed-Ins for Peace. After Lennon’s death, she continued on with her own endeavors of art. During her time with John Lennon, the two collaborated with the Beatles. She and John were behind the album Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins.

Ivanka Trump – $800 Million

The only daughter of President Donald J. Trump, she had a nice start to her net worth. Though, she is a businesswoman, writer, and former model in her own right. Together, with her husband real estate developer Jared Kushner, the two have an $800 million net worth. She is President Donald J. Trump’s second child and only daughter. She often speaks of how she spent her childhood in her dad’s office admiring his work. Before joining the Trump Organization, she joined forces with Dynamic Diamond Corporation to design a line of jewelry she coined as the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry brand. She also released her own handbag and footwear lines sold at Macy’s and authored two books.

Phil McGraw – $460 Million

There are plenty of people that know Phil McGraw by his Dr. Phil moniker. He is super famous and he is definitely one of the most popular TV show hosts out there. He has faced quite a lot of criticism during all his time on TV, but he continues to expand and he did bring in front some nice TV moments. Some of his guests ended up famous too, which is quite the thing to have as a show host.

Oprah Winfrey – $3.5 Billion

Oprah Winfrey was one of the most popular talk show hosts, and she continues to be a key component of numerous international charity movements. She came from humble beginnings, so she knows how hard life can be. Nowadays her focus is on TV and health and wellness. Aside from that she donated money to charity, created numerous new businesses and she invested in real estate too. Of course she made quite the name as a talk show host, but she got to expand quite a lot.

P Diddy – $885 Million

This rapper is also known as Puff Daddy, and he has puffed up his earnings over the years to be worth his weight in gold. For more than two decades, he has been one of the richest and highest paid celebrities in the entire world. Of course, he doesn’t publicly go by his birth name, Sean John Combs. P. Diddy rose to fame from less than humble beginnings in Harlem, New York. The neighborhoods were so rough that shootings were not uncommon. He lost his dad who was shot in his car while sitting on Central Park West when P. Diddy was just a toddler.

Madonna – $850 Million

She likes to exhibit a tough girl image who pushes the boundaries with her music. For Madonna, this approach has worked well. Originally from Michigan, she went to college on a dance scholarship but soon dropped out to pursue her dance career in New York. But, it wasn’t dance that launched her into the spotlight. It was music. She also has earned a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. This multi-talented star also has a good business head on her shoulders. She has also collaborated with brands like H&M and launched her own MDNA Skin product line. Off stage and out of the limelight of fame and fortune, she is a mother to biological and adopted children and owns a hefty art collection.

Ellen DeGeneres – $490 Million

Initially Ellen DeGeneres was a comedian in the stand up world. However, during the 80s she got to land her own gig and during the years she got to make a whole lot of money. Aside from the income she got from her show, she also has a lifestyle brand, a production company, record company and even wrote 4 books. This is a clear testament to how talented she is and how much of a hard worker she has become during the years. She clearly shows that you can be funny, different and still make a lot of money without a problem.

Michael Phelps – $80 Million

Michael Phelps is a prime example that athletes can make a lot of money. He attended the 2000 Sydney Olympics but after that he ended up winning more and more medals, to the point where at the 2016 Olympics he got more medals on his own than many countries. Right now he has 28+ medals, he has lots of sponsors and he is obviously very wealthy due to the numerous commercials and deals that he made.

Mariah Carey – $560 Million

Mariah Carey earned a lot of money thanks to her great voice and charisma. She has many tracks that got to earn millions on their own, a testament to her great voice and the amazing quality brought to the table. When you see her on the stage, she provides quite the spectacle and she really is a complete performer. People love her voice and while her new stuff isn’t as popular as the older songs, it’s still easy to see why she got to earn so much money in the first place. She has a residency in Las Vegas and she was a judge on American Idol.

Jon Stewart – $80 Million

Jon Stewart Regrets Interviewing Bill O'Reilly on 'The Daily Show ... Jon Stewart is known for the fact that he is a very good comedian, talk show host and so on. He started on a variety of shows and he was mostly an actor. He is mostly known for hosting the Daily Show right now. But as you can see, this show got to make a whole lot of money, a clear testament of the value that the show has and also how funny he really is. So he is definitely a very rich person!

Dolly Parton – $500 Million

Dolly Parton News Dolly Parton is considered the queen of country music and she got to earn a lot of money on her own with her music. Ever since her first album in 1967 she got to have international acclaim and she started numerous side businesses. She makes close to $20 million per year, so her income is getting higher and higher. The great thing about Dolly Parton is that all the income she makes is self-made, which shows her true resilience and focus.

Stephen Colbert – $45 Million

Stephen Colbert Scoops Up Sarah Palin's Domain Name | Time Colbert is an extremely popular talk show host and one of the most credible and likable characters out there. He got numerous awards, like Peabodys, Grammys and he even has 9 Emmys too. Although he was an actor at first, now he is known for the fact that he continues to grow as a talk show host and also a very good comedian. He was a writer on The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live, and now he has his own late night show which is considered to be one of the best in the industry at this time.

Johnny Depp – $200 Million

Johnny Depp As Joker! Here Are The Complete Exclusive Updates Johnny Depp is very wealthy, and that’s all thanks to his amazing charm and numerous incredible roles that he had. His net worth was actually double this amount, but some issues with his ex-wife cut this in half. Despite all of that, he still is a top Hollywood star and he continually impresses with the great acting experience and tremendous value provided through his movies. He might not have only movie hits, but he has great charisma and lots of creative pieces!

Judy Sheindlin – $400 Million

How Judge Judy renegotiates her $47 million contract Not a lot of people might know this, but judge Judy did end up making a lot of money. Ever since she started her televised show, she got to earn a lot of money, around $47 million per year and now she has more than $400 million in revenue. Even the bailiff is at around $1 million per season. The production costs are very low and she can shoot all the 260 episodes in 50 days. Which lowers the necessary costs while still bringing in a lot of revenue.

Bob Barker – $70 Million

Former 'Price is Right' Host Bob Barker Suffers Health Scare After ... Despite the fact that Bob might be retired now, it’s safe to say that he did end up making a lot of money during his career of around 50 years in TV. Shows like The Price is Right, That’s My Line, Simon Says and The Family Game brought in a lot of revenue for him and that’s great to see as he doesn’t have a problematic retirement as other celebrities too. He is known for setting money aside, and the $70+ million are definitely going to be amazing for him during his retirement.

Robin Williams – $100 Million

Robin Williams passed away a few years ago, but he left quite the fortune. He got a lot of money from his comedy series, with Mork and Mindy being the first time he got to international fame. A lot of people also know him from Aladdin and many other great roles. His fortune was split between his 3 children, but it’s still very sad to see something like this happen. He was a fantastic comedian and his roles still impress us up to this date.

Jerry Springer – $75 Million

Jerry Springer is one of those comedians that got to work a lot in the TV world and after that he did focus on the idea of being a political reporter. This worked super well for him, to the point where he got his own The Jerry Springer Show which was highly acclaimed. It was a drama-filled show for many years, and the fact that he got to make millions from that show is a testament to his popularity and the hard work that he put into all of this.

Richard Gere – $100 Million

Richard Gere is not under the spotlight anymore, but he doesn’t need to. He starred in the American Gigolo which brought him international fame. He was voted as the sexiest man alive for the People Magazine. He also starred in a plethora of Romantic comedies like Pretty Woman and Runaway bride and those roles are the ones that brought him all the money you can see here. It’s amazing to see just how much he got to earn and that continues to expand even today with residual revenue.

Barbara Walters – $150 Million

Not everyone might know Barbara Walters, but those who know her will immediately tell you she is a very good journalist. She interviewed many world leaders, celebrities and politicians. She was also a part of The View, Today, 20/20 and many other different shows. She also has some businesses that helped her accrue so much money. That’s why you don’t really see her that much on TV or anywhere else really. She got to focus on the behind the screen life and she is a business owner.

Robert De Niro – $300 Million

Robert De Niro Opens Up About Raising Biracial Kids | PEOPLE.com Robert De Niro is one of those actors that everyone can recognize. He was in some iconic movies like the Godfather and he also starred in iconic movies like Taxi Driver. All of these clearly add up to showcase an amazing career with lots of great paychecks. He also invested in the Nobu restaurant chain that’s expected to earn $1 billion until 2023. He even invested in Tribeca Enterprises, so not only is Robert De Niro a great actor, but also a very good investor. You really need this type of commitment and focus on growth, and it certainly delivers tremendous results if you invest wisely as you can see.

Maria Sharapova – $195 Million

Maria Sharapova also gives us a great example of how you can win a lot from sports. She signed numerous contracts with Tropicana, Gatorade, Nike, Tiffany and Co, Motorola and so on. While she is not winning as much as she used to from tennis, she is still a top earner in this and she continues to expand her business empire. That’s a clear testament of the huge value and tremendous quality brought to the table in a situation like this. She was banned from tennis for a while but now she is back and she still is one of the top players in the world after so many years in the industry.

Steve Harvey – $100 Million

Talk Show Host Steve Harvey to Cover Students' College Costs – NBC ... Steve Harvey might be widely known from The Family Feud and The Steve Harvey Show. The great thing here is that he is one of the top people in the industry that are known to have a good laugh and earn a huge living from that. He had a mistake during the Miss Universe pageant a few years ago, but it’s safe to say that most of his TV presences are known to involve a lot of money to be paid to him!

David Letterman – $400 Million

David Letterman is extremely wealthy and he has been around for a very long time. His show ran for around 6080 episodes and he continues to be one of the very best out there. Some people consider it to be one of the major TV stars of all time. We don’t know if he has any other businesses, but it’s clear that he is a hard worker and he has pursued many dreams until this point, which is staggering for a man with his career.

Tyra Banks – $90 Million

Tyra Banks Admits She Was Insensitive In Old 'America's Next Top ... Tyra Banks is a celebrity that also got to earn quite a lot. She is known for harnessing the power of her good looks and she has a daytime TV show. She also has a variety of businesses like cosmetics, music and so on. She might have been a model with some rather humble beginnings, but she will impress you with her charisma and just how much hard work she put into everything. That’s what you want to learn from people like her, that harnessing all your skills can indeed pay off even if it will take a little to do so.

John Madden – $200 Million

Oakland-Raiders-legends-disappointed-by-move-to-Vegas A lot of people love John Madden because he is one of the best sports casters and football coaches out there. What a lot of people don’t know is that he is super wealthy and he has accrued quite a lot of money during his career. He was a commentator from 1979 to 2009, so that’s a staggering career. But apparently the Madden NFL game series seems to be the one that paid him the most, because that’s where he got most of his income.

Shania Twain – $350 Million

Shania Twain Looks Incredible in New Beach Video Despite being from Canada, Shania is known for the fact that she has a great voice. She has great commitment and her voice is astonishing. That, combined with her unique charisma clearly shows why she got to earn so much money. It’s hard for all of us to figure out how to achieve success, but Shania Twain got to do that by creating amazing music. She might have debuted in the 90s but she is still making lots of music and really good songs.

Simone Biles – $2.4 Million

A lot of people know Simone Biles for being a great athlete. She had 18 medals between the World Championships and the Olympics when she was 19. She also got sponsorships from United Airlines, Beads by Dre, P&G and Kellog’s. Getting all this attention and money at a young age is staggering, but it shows her dedication and commitment. She was and still is a very hard worker and people are impressed with her resilience. That’s what really pushes her to the next level when compared to others.

 George Strait – $300 Million

George Strait is another country music star to add to this list of people that got lots of success. He got to earn around $99 in just 3 years, which says a lot about him and also about his career as a whole. His music pushed him to become one of the best selling artists of all time. George is the 12th best selling artist in the US. And while he is not creating any music nowadays, he still has numerous business ventures on his own, so he is doing very well for himself.

Garth Brooks – $280 Million

Garth Brooks Says This Throwback Garth Costume Wins Halloween It’s safe to say that country music can make a lot of people famous, and that’s what happened with Garth Brooks as well. He got around $70 million in 2015 alone. That being said, he is actively creating music despite having a whole lot of money. He is increasing his net worth all the time, and he constantly strives to pursue greatness and becomes the best at what he does no matter the situation. It’s clear that he will continue earning more, and that’s because he clearly loves what he does.

 Dale Earnhardt Jr. – $400 Million

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is widely known for his racing venture. He was and most still consider him to be one of the best NASCAR racers out there. His true focus on quality and the huge attention to detail makes him one of the top earners in the NASCAR world. Yes, you can make quite a lot of money with NASCAR, and Dale Earnhardt Jr is a clear example of that. He might be retired, but he is now an analyst and still earns quite a bit.

Derek Jeter – $185 Million

Derek Jeter is known for his career at the New York Yankees. He got around $265 million from the Yankees, and he also got numerous endorsement deals from the MLB. He also has Gatorade and Nike sponsorships offering him millions. This clearly shows that one can make money from everything, including baseball, if you are good at it. He’s a great player and he has his own baseball club alongside Jeb Bush. That goes to show the commitment that Derek Jeter had in order to still remain in the industry despite some challenges here and there. That’s something very important to keep in mind with this kind of stuff.

Chelsea Handler – $40 Million

Chelsea Handler is a widely known female comedian and she has all kinds of avenues to earn money as you can imagine. Her TV fortune is amazing in its own right, but she did create 5 different books and all became a bestseller basically. 4 of them were the New York Times bestsellers and that clearly shows how incredible they can be. As a writer, she is really good and certainly one of the hard workers in the showbiz for sure. That’s nice to say about a comedian that fully committed to success so much during her entire lifetime.

Sandra Bullock – $200 Million

We like Sandra Bullock in all her movies and she continues to impress with her appearances. She was in Bird Box, Miss Congeniality, The Blind Side, Oceans 8 and many other movies. Aside from that, she also has a production company named Fortis Films that helped create 19 different movies to date. She definitely got to earn a whole lot of money, and having so much income is amazing to say the least. It’s beneficial, but staggering and among some of the most impressive things you can find out there.

Carrie Underwood – $85 Million

Carrie Underwood is known for her great success as a singer. And it’s easy to see why, she has great looks and a staggering voice. She has a stellar combination of pop and country music too, so that on its own is amazing to be honest. She also won 7 Grammys and she was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. That’s amazing to be honest, and it shows just how good she really is. That alone makes her an amazing winner and one of the best singers to date.

Matt Groening – $500 Million

Matt Groening is the creator of the Simpsons and that alone created quite the empire. We still have Simpsons episodes, so that clearly shows the commitment that people have to these characters and how much everyone loves them. This is the longest running US primetime TV series in history. He has his own Walk of Fame star and 12 Emmy awards. Not bad for someone that wanted to create yellow people. It shows just how much value you get even from a simple idea, and it’s unlike anything else you can find out there. He continues to impress with his work and the new features, and you should totally check his new creations.

Jimmy Buffett – $550 Million

Jimmy Buffett got to earn a lot of money through his music, but at the same time he also got to earn quite a lot via his investments. He did some wise investments like a $1 billion retirement village, he even wrote a Broadway musical and he has a casino too. This, combined with his music wealth has made quite the investment for him and that’s why you can see him having such a massive income to say the least.

Bono – $700 Million

Bono is the U2 frontman and he has earned $700 Million only through his music. The average U2 show gives $2 million in revenue at least. He also owns 2.3% of Facebook, which is amazing for his revenue and income as you can imagine. He does seem to have issues with taxes, but overall it’s staggering to see how dedicated he is to helping others and how much work he put into all his songs. That alone makes him a great singer and he deserves the huge amount of money accrued during the years from music. In the end, celebrities can earn a lot of money, even if most of their income will come from different places. It’s safe to say that if you earn a lot and you invest smart, you can get millions and millions. So it does pay off big time, as long as you know how to manage the money. And as you can see, many celebrities know what it takes to win and also handle so many millions!

Jay-Z – $900 Million

Jay-Z is Beyonce’s husband and he also got a whole lot of money as a singer himself. But in recent years he focused more on investing in a variety of business ventures. He has alcohol brands, a clothing line, entertainment labels, a music service named Tidal and so on. It’s definitely a lot of money to earn from this, but then again you get to see that he is a great investor and a knowledgeable business man.

David Copperfield – $1 Billion

David Copperfield forced to break a magician's golden rule: never ...
This magician may make things disappear, but money isn’t one of them. And, it is no illusion that he is a billionaire. He is, no doubt, the richest magician in the world. Copperfield is a stage name. He was born David Seth Kotkin. He got an early start in magic. By the age of 16, he was teaching magic classes and was the youngest person to be admitted to the Society of American Magicians. He was the first magician to receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Copperfield owns the world’s largest magic memorabilia collection in the world which contains more than 150,000 magical items. He also owns 11 islands in the Bahamas.

Elton John – $500 Million

This British singer, pianist, composer, and songwriter entertainer is one of the most commercially successful artists of all time. He has surpassed the Platinum album recognition and has sold more than 300 million albums in his lifetime. This places him as the fifth best-selling musical artists in modern history with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elvis, and The Beatles passing him up in the lead. While he was once married to Renata Blauel, he came out of the closet years later admitting that he had been in a relationship with filmmaker David Furnish. He continues to be one of the highest-paid entertainers on the globe.

Dr. Dre – $820 Million

Dr. Dre
Becoming a rapper seems to be quite lucrative. Dr. Dre is among some of the most successful entertainers of the last 30 years. To be fair, it’s not just his music that has brought him wealth. He is also a skilled businessman. Along with music producer Jimmy Iovine, the two created a consumer electronics company called Beats By Dre which was later acquired by Apple. Dr. Dre got his start in Los Angeles where he was into the DJ and hip-hop scene. He also gives back to the University of Southern California. His donations also helped to build a performing arts center at Comptom High School.