Salma Hayek brings 2021 in looking absolutely stunning


With a new year starting, most of us tend to look back on the time that has passed and made declarations of change. We say that as we move into the new year, we’ll be doing more to stay fit, to use less junk in our lives, and to generally take care of ourselves. Then the first hard week at work arrives, and we fall right back into the desire to simply relax, to let loose, and to get some intensity out of our system. If that is the case, then you might wish to take a little bit of an example and inspiration from Salma Hayek.

Having started 2021 in a positive mood, Hayek has shown just how to get rid of those New Year blues in the most enigmatic way. Showing us how to live our best lives, she posted an absolutely dazzling bikini selfie to show us that we can start a new year looking good, not only committing to doing so sometime by the summer!

Standing next to a pool and looking every bit the superstar, she is, the post was filled with responses from friends, well-wishers, and fellow celebs all telling her to stop the rest of the world looking so bad!

Take a look for yourself, and you’ll hopefully get a nice little touch of inspiration for your own life. Hayek isn’t letting the pressures of 2020 make her 2021 start with a sad face, so why should we?

A theme for 2021?

Of course, already this year, Hayek has decided to remind us all of her entrancing beauty more than a few times. She also sent a stunning set of bikini snaps a few days prior that had people salivating and commenting in equal measure. Definitely one to live life to the full and never miss a beat, Hayek was happy to keep on posting these shots to remind us that our beauty does not have to fade as we age.

After all, it’s always good to remind yourself that Hayek is 54 years old. Christ, most people don’t look that good in their physical peak!

She’s an inspirational figure, not just for her outstanding looks but for her incredible acting career so far. A down to earth individual, too, she’s not a celebrity who makes you think she’s overly grandiose or the like. She knows how to look good; she knows how to feel good about herself, and she has no problem at all in enjoying that kind of personality and freedom.

If you are looking for someone to inspire you to feel a bit more optimistic and upbeat as we head into 2021, then, use the glowing and eternal optimism and energy that Hayek embodies. Few people in this world know how to combine a happy body with a happy mind quite like her, so why not use her as a wee inspiration as we move into what might be another challenging year for us all?