Hollywood Star Constance Wu And Her Boyfriend Ryan Kattner Welcomed Their First Child-And We are Just Now Learning About It


Celebrities get a lot of attention from the worldwide media.  And why shouldn’t they?  They are the reason we have our favorite songs, tv shows, movies, artwork, and more.  Much of our entertainment comes from these celebrities, both in their artwork and through their lives.  When it comes to our favorites, we want to know every detail about their lives. 

Sometimes, this can be a little too much.  Most celebrities must work extremely hard to keep their private life behind the scenes.  If one wrong person finds out, it could spell trouble.  There are many cases though where celebrities are as successful as they want to be.  Constance Wu, star of Crazy Rich Asians and Hustlers is a great example. 

Why many celebrities may choose to have children away from the public eye?

We love babies.  These little creatures are often simply too cute to handle.  Babies are the future of our world, but in their first days on earth, they are tiny, adorable beings that make everyone happy. 

Whether it is our best friends’ baby, or the baby of a celebrity we cannot help but stop and smile.  Why is this a big deal?

For young children of celebrities, it can be problematic.  The whole world is invested in you and they are watching your every move.  If you are upset or act up, as young children usually do, you might end up on the front cover of a gossip magazine with everyone commenting on how badly behaved and spoiled you must be. 

For mothers, it is especially tough.  The whole world is watching your recovery, wondering about when you will lose that baby weight and asking way too many personal questions. 

With all of this considered, it is no wonder that many celebrity mothers are choosing to keep their children out of the eye of the public. 

So, when did we learn of Wu’s pregnancy? And how?

The Confirmation

Constance Wu’s agent confirmed that Wu and Kattner welcomed their first child in the summer of 2020. 

How did she hide it so well?  Well, 2020 likely has a lot to do with it.  With everything going on the world, not seeing someone in public is not strange, and it is no longer safe for cameras to be around every corner to catch a star’s every move.

Wu has also been absent from social media.  Her last post was on Instagram in May.  It was there to celebrate Women.  Her account has since been quiet and the profile declares it a defunct account.

No other details have been shared so it is safe to assume that both mother and child are happy and healthy. 

What the future holds for Wu

Wu is currently up to reclaim her role in the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians.  Currently the script is in progress, and no release date has been announced.  Her co-star, Henry Golding, cited the difficulties with book to film adaptation, and their intentions of meeting everyone’s high expectations.