Here are The Wives Of Your Favourite NFL Players


 Patrick & Brittany


Patrick Mahomes and Britanny Matthews are one of the most adorable couples, they recently celebrated their 7th anniversary; sharing their long love with the world. Living the sweet life with their Pitbulls Steel & Silver, the couple is not married but is not afraid to talk about it. In a recent post, Patrick mentioned that they will get married when they both feel like they are ready, and for now they are just enjoying the beautiful connection they share with each other. Brittany works as a personal trainer and has helped Patrick bring down his body weight below 10%.

Russell & Ciara


Russell Wilson and Ciara are known as the power couple that has it all. They both co-own the Seattle Sounders Soccer Team and have been managing it perfectly. Their relationship rumors started back in 2015 and finally made headlines when the couple attended a Whitehouse finner together. With a short and sweet 4-month engagement, the couple decided to tie the knot in 2016. One of the main reasons for their rush was their celibacy vow. So it did not come as a surprise when three months later Ciara announced that the happy couple was pregnant.

Travis & Kayla


Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole are a couple most people did not see coming. Mostly because the Travis Kelce was on a dating reality TV show called Catching Kelce. A huge set up on channel E! The show concluded with Kelce finding someone he could only make it work with for a short period. However, as the fate twisted Travis actually met Kayla soon after, and made their relationship public in May 2017. The declaration was followed by some intense PDA on their Instagram pages, with adorable notes. While Kayla has a degree in journalism, she only takes part in hosting events from time to time.

JJ & Kelia


JJ Watt and Kealia Ohai are one of the most reported couples out there, as they were reported to be friends for years before they took the next step. While they started dating in early 2017, the Texan did not pop the question until May 2019. What is interesting is that Kelia is a professional athlete herself. After graduation, she was picked as the second overall by Houston Dash, in the NWSL College Draft in 2014. With a family filled with athletes, as her sister is married to Brian Cushing, the former Texan linebacker.

Alvin & Just


Alvin Kamara and Just Ace are one of the few that have not yet confirmed their relationship on social media, but they have been spotted getting comfortable with each other. The New Orleans Saint’s player was recently seen on a trip with the stripper Just Ace. Pictures of them vacationing in the Bahamas had made a few rounds around the table. While Kamara took to twitter to clear his side, but it was too late. On the other hand, Just Ace is stull working at Magic City, Atlanta. When you take a look at her Instagram page you will find different shades of colors in abundance. Followed by glowing captions that pair the image perfectly.

Tom & Gisele

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are one of the most loved couples in the NFL, while they only met in 2006, they decided to tie the knot in 2009. Showing off their love for each other to the world, while offering an example of being a solid, lasting, and power couple. A true Hollywood couple that has seen many ups and downs during their relationship, but has been able to get past them all. Despite being a supermodel Gisel makes time for her family at all times. Even tho she is considered as the heroin chic of modeling and was a Secret Angle from 2000 to 2007.

Aron & Danica


Aaron Rodgers and Danica PArtic are an athlete coupe that met at the 2012 ESPYs. They have been friends ever since. It was only when Aaron broke up with his long term girlfriend Olivia in 2017 Spring, and Danica broke up with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. a NASCAR driver in late 2017; Aron and Danic become serious. When you read her health and fitness book “Pretty Intense” you will learn that the couple loves reading similar books, playing games, and working out together. While Danica Partick is one of the most successful women in American open-wheel racing and is the only one to win an IndyCar Series Race.

Le’Veon Bell & Two Girls


When you try to have it all, make sure you have the capacity to take the blast. As for Le’Veon Bell, things were not so different when he started dating two different girls at the same time. No matter how careful you are when playing with fire, chances are you will get a burn. Managing a single girlfriend is hard enough, but this lesson came with a hefty price tag for Bell; when more than $500’000 worth of jewelry was stolen from his house on May 2019. While the police have not named anyone, the women we know are from the images Bell posted on his Instagram story.

Rob & Camille


Rob Gronkowski and Camille Kostek are a stunning couple. The former Patriots cheerleader met Rob after she quit the squad back in 2015. While the NFL star decided to take on retirement in spring 2019, the couple still jokes about getting back to their former lives. Now, Kostek is working as a sports illustrated swimsuit model and has even joined Tyra Banks and Alex Morgan for the annual 2019 swimsuit edition for their magazine. No matter how much she misses her cheerleading days, not ranks up to the position she holds today.

Ben & Ashley


Ben Roethlisberger and Ashley Harlan are an adorable couple that goes back to 2005. The couple was introduced through Ashley’s brother who is a huge fan of big ben. The couple stayed strong and decided to tie the knot in 2011. What is amazing is that the couple went through a series of rough patches when Ben was accused of sexually accused a casino hostess in 2008. Then again in 2010, Ben was accused of sexually harassing a college student. While chargers were later dropped, it was natural to take a toll on her life. They both have three kids together, while Ashley works at the Cardiac Surgery Department in Pittsburgh Hospital.

Baker & Emily


Baker Mayfield and Emily Wilkson were introduced by a mutual friend in 2017. The Cleveland Browns quarterback did not waste time before making advances, as she constantly denied them for months; as he followed and unfollowed her on Instagram repeatedly. What can a girl do when someone is hell-bent on charming you, you let them in. Which is exactly what Emily did by agreeing to go on a date before Bakers final college football game. Six months later we all heard the news of their engagement, which they kept strong until tying the knot on July 2019.

Saquon & Anna


Saquon Barkley and Anna Congdon – Anna 21, and Saquon 22, have been dating since 2017. Having their first child together in 2018, and was born exactly 48 hours before the NFL draft. Before meeting Barkley, Anna was a basketball player in high school and is currently enrolled in Penn State for her undergrad. The couple named their baby Jade Clare and lives with her mother while attending daddies games together. They are both seen on his Instagram frequently and seem to be getting on with life perfectly.

Cam & Kia


Cam Newton and Kia Proctor have been dating since 2013. This panthers quarterback and proctor are currently waiting on their fourth child, living the good life we see. While Kia has a child from a previous marriage as well, making the expected one her fifth. A former model and stripper who according to her own words is known for her talent, glamorous style, and ability to talk. She is the leader of her house and is constantly juggling her ventures, projects, and family life at the same time. A great way to summarize her life, that too in her own words.

Todd & Olivia


Todd Gurley and Olivia Davison are currently surrounded by rumors. This year has been filled with rumors that the couple has slit up, but there is no concrete evidence to support these claims. Todd and Olivia have been together since 2015, and are hell-bent on keeping their private life private. They do not even appear in their Instagram accounts, simply keep them to stay in touch with the world. Davison is currently running a boutique in Bozeman. Liv Lively is a charming place that she runs with her mother, while constantly working on her hair styling devotion.

Christian & Olivia


Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo have never stepped out as a couple, and when it comes to dating; neither of them are looking for anything serious yet they were recently spotted together in Mexico. Yes, they were out there with a bunch of friends, but insider reports state that they have been texting non-stop lately for the last month. Olivia is a sports illustrated model and is Miss USA & Miss Universe in 2012. On her list of famous ex-s, she has Nick Jonas, Danny Amendola, and Tim Tebow. Cutting ties with them worked out well for Olivia considering where her future is heading.

Andrew & Nicole


Andrew Luck & Nicole Pechanec got married in early 2019. They both hold an architectural design degree from Stanford but decided to follow different career paths. Nicole is a producer from NBC and ESPN but offered her fair share. She helped Andrew heal his shoulder injury back in 2017, and was there for him all the way. Even going on record Andrew admitted that he would never have recovered so fast if it wasn’t for Nicole. As she understands pain and injuries and pushed him to take on his in the right way. While helping him our she runs a non-profit called Nest.

Adrian & Ashley


Adrian Peterson and Ashley Brown Peterson git engagement in 2010 and carried it for four years before they got married in 2014. Person has around 7 to 9 kids with different women, including his current wife. The couple met in college and has been on and off ever since. According to TMZ magazine, the wife and mistress were pregnant at the same time and even demanded $1.9 million in child support. While both Adrian and Ashley have had their fair share of alleged affair(s), they have never confirmed the rumors. Running her own makeup company, social life, and family drama must get tiring at times. Then again we can only assume.

Davante & Devonne


Davante Adams and Devanne Villareal Adams were college sweetheart and tied the knot in 2018. They are currently expecting a baby girl in September 2019. They announced the pregnancy on Instagram by posting their gender reveal video. To use her own words Devanne defines herself as a dog mom and enjoys her life. While scrolling through her Instagram you will find endless photos of her footballer husband, their adorable dog, and so many maternity photos; along with flashbacks every now and then. Leading a beautiful and laid back life that will soon take her to motherhood, a beautiful dream that we hope will soon become reality.

Odell Jr. & Lauren


Odell Beckham Jr. and Lauren Wood are the newest and hottest couple that was recently spotted heading off to Vegas. The year started with some flirty comments on Instagram, which as we see it leading to the start of something new. While the relationship hasn’t been confirmed officially, everyone is excited to see where it does. Lauren is an Instagram model and in her own words; is a good actress. She is into extreme fitness and regularly shows off stunning body in her posts. Looking at her page you will find out just how active she really is, so you too can get inspired to get fit and make a career as an Instagram model.