Gal Gadot alters Her Tune on ‘Imagine’ Cover, ‘It Was In Poor Taste.’


Star of the ‘Wonder Women”, Gal Gadot, said that she realized why her star-studded video on John Lennon’s classic was not the right thing during the early days of COVID-19.

Two years earlier in 2020, Gal Gadot shared her star-studded take on John Lennon’s “Imagine,” with feature appearances by Amy Adams, Zoë Kravitz, James Marsden, Mark Ruffalo, and other stars. But now, she is reevaluating her actions.

Gadot was epitomized for February’s Issue of the InStyle. In the accompanying interview, she talks about “Imagine” with InStyle, her thoughts, her criticism after the video, and how that experience changed her.

Though Gadot anticipated “Imagine” would cheer her audience during lockdown due to COVID-19, the video went viral and received backlash. NBC News called it “Peak cringed.” According to the New York Times, it was “an inconsequential and profoundly unreasonable act.” Also, many people on social media suggested stars appear in videos to help those in need during pandemics through charity or donations or some other way.

During her interview with InStyle, Gadot reasons why her video did not agree with population sentiments.

“Prior to the US, the pandemic entered Israel and Europe first,” She said. “I know where everyone was coming from. The video got viral before time; it was premature. It was not the right timing. And it was not the right thing. Infact it was in poor taste.”

Also, last fall, during her appearance at Elle’s 2021 women in Hollywood Gala, the actor poked fun at her video. The footage of that show was released in October 2021. The actor was seen playfully humming her video, making her audience laugh. This shows that the star is still preoccupied with the video.

Later she said, “The video felt right. My intentions were pure. But sometimes, you do not comply with everyone. Right? You just need a breath of fresh air, and it was a good opportunity to learn. So, I just took it positively. “

While talking with InStyle, Gadot also talks about her upcoming projects, including “Wonder women 3” and the most anticipated Cleopatra Biopic. There are many biopics made on the life of Cleopatra throughout history. The most famous was the biopic of 1963, where Elizabeth Taylor portrayed her.

While talking about the biopic of the Queen of the Nile, she told InStyle that this film is suitable for people living in the modern world.

“The film will show how sexy and beautiful she was. Furthermore, it will also provide you with an insight into how strategic and smart she was. How she influenced her world, and the influence is still present on the world we are living in,” she said. “I have watched all the stories made on Cleopatra till date, but I think we are telling the story that is needed for the world,” added Wonder Women star.