Depp Vs. Heard Trial: All You Need To Know


Famous stars and ex-partners Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been in the news for some time now. Their defamation suit was televised globally, and clips were reposted on social media fans.

The case has finally reached a verdict, but things may not be completely over. If you want to know more about the trial, you’re in the right place. Here’s a look into the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard case.

How Did The Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard Trial Start?

Amber Heard is the ex-wife of Johnny Depp and made some allegations of domestic abuse in the 2018 Washington Post op-ed. She did not name anyone, but Depp believed the opinion hurt his career. This is why he filed a defamation suit for $50 million.

After that, Amber Head filed a counterclaim of $100 million by saying Depp’s attorney defamed her. She did it on the basis that Adam Waldman called her allegations “a hoax” in the Daily Mail. The two stars have been fighting a legal battle for years, which finally reached a verdict a few days ago.

Who Won The Defamation Trial?

The case was televised globally and judged by a jury who gave partial wins to Depp and Heard. They found Amber guilty of defaming Johnny and awarded the actor $10 million in compensatory damages. He also received $5 million for the punitive damages. Depp thanked the jury for giving his life back after the victory.

However, the jury’s decision has been controversial because it also awarded Amber Heard $2 in compensatory damages. This has confused many viewers because it implies the jury believes her abuse claim was not a hoax. Nonetheless, Johnny Depp primarily emerged as the victorious party in the defamation suit.

Has The Case Ended?

The defamation suit is over, but the legal battle may continue. Amber Heard is disappointed about the verdict and believes it is a setback for women who speak up against abuse. She also claims she cannot pay the damages to Depp due to her financial condition.

Heard is planning to appeal the verdict as per reports and continue the legal battle. However, appealing a case means that it will take more than a few years for a ruling. So it will be a long and expensive process for Amber Heard, which she may not be able to afford.

Will Johnny Depp Forego The Damages If Amber Heard Drops The Appeal?

Amber Heard owes Johnny Depp $8.35 million in damages. However, the actress is unable to pay her ex-partner. However, it is reported that Depp may forego the compensation claim if Heard backs out from appealing. This speculation surfaced when Depp’s lawyer was asked to answer the same question.

The attorney never stated that Johnny would let go of the compensation claims. However, he did mention that the case was not about money for Depp. He filed the suit to restore his reputation and show his side of the story.

Final Words

This is all about the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation suit. Whether the actress will pursue another legal battle by appealing is yet to be confirmed. However, she has to consider it as an option if she can’t pay the damages.