Bella Hadid Just Woke Up Like This


We look up to supermodels. Their flawless skin, style, and their wardrobe are to die for. Of course, Bella Hadid is no exception. She is as gorgeous as they come and without makeup too as we can see in her recent selfie.

Bella Hadid’s Recent Instagram Selfie

We love connecting with stars on Instagram. Their feeds inspire us and drive us to look better and do better. Bella Hadid is also one of those inspirations as she is supermodel goals.

She took to Instagram recently and posted a selfie of her. You may be wondering well that’s not news because supermodels do that every day. Their Instagram is their bread and butter.

However, what was different about this selfie was that Bella Hadid was make-up free. How rare is that? It’s not every day that people the likes of Bella Hadid share their bare faces on social media.

Of course, even with no makeup, Bella Hadid was nothing short of perfection. She had shined her phone torch on her face and then taken a selfie as soon as she had woken up. We wish we looked as good too after waking up!

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2existbetweendreamsandreality….waking up ….

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Modeling During The Pandemic

We all had to adapt to the new normal and Bella Hadid is no exception. However, instead of going for photo shoots, she moved a lot of her shoots to her mother’s home.

She then posted some more shots on Instagram that were taken by her sister Gigi for i-D. In this photo, Bella is looking even cuter than the morning no-makeup selfie.

She is wearing a gorgeous nude dress and is cuddling two cute little goats that can’t get enough of her. That is understandable as we wish we could be in place of those goats. Those are some lucky ones!

Anyway, these two goats are the property of her brother and his girlfriend. She captioned the picture “funky and bam bam’s auntie….” and then proceeded to thank her brother and his girlfriend for letting them be part of this shoot.

The dress she is wearing in this picture is an open-back dress by Bottega Veneta. Of course, this picture is just as stunning as her no-makeup selfie. If there is one thing that we are sure of then it is that Bella Hadid is as gorgeous in makeup as without and there is no comparison between her pictures.

Every picture she posts is perfection and we could only wish that we look half as gorgeous as her while posing with goats or when waking up. However, the supermodel makes any look work and this is no surprise. After all, she is great at what she does and she looks great while doing it too.

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