Ariana Grande & Kanye West Feud!


Davidson praised Michaels, 77, saying, “He always offers me the finest advise,” during the show presented by Natasha Lyonne. Once I got engaged, he was the first person I phoned. I was just like, ‘Lorne, I have just been seeing Ariana Grande for about two weeks, and then we just decided to get married.’ “Oh, well,” he says, “hang on for your life.” This happened… I am grateful to Saturday Night Live for being there for me. When everybody condemned me, you never gave up on me, Lorne. I am grateful to you both for trusting in me & providing me a haven I would call home, having memories that would last a lifetime.”

Then he added: He stated to me, ‘I do not think you are suited for this program so that we can screw things up together.'” That is precisely what we accomplished, and those who do not think I am qualified for this position should not genuinely dislike me. My greatest contribution to the world is that I serve as a beacon of hope that everyone can make it to SNL.

Among the most provocative jokes made by the Freak Brothers, a cast member was compared to Chris Rock’s & Will Smith’s Oscars controversy by the actor.

According to Dan Crenshaw’s usage of an eye patch: “In respect to what I first stated [regarding Dan Crenshaw], since it still concerns me,” remarked Davidson. SNL alumnus tradition dictates that jokes about someone’s looks can be made without considering that the physical condition underlying it might be a delicate matter.

As Davidson justified his Nov 2018 prank, a picture of him hitting the 57 years South Carolinian was shown. Smith made news in March after hitting Rock for making a joke about his wife’s shaved head due to alopecia. Later, the King Richard actor apologized and sent his resignation to the Academy, which banned him for ten years.

“I do not enjoy that people seem to think anyone can simply jump up to the stage and attack a comedian, but that is how I know my performances would be sold out,” Davidson said.

Meet Cute actor only briefly mentioned his five months engagement to the 28 years CEO of REM Beauty and his social media conflict with a “Heartless” rapper on Saturday. His fight with West caused a stir early this year.

Fans noted that Davidson posted a strange link to his freshly reactivated Instagram account in February, thinking he was hinting at his rivalry with the rapper. (This page is gone now) 

West sent many now-deleted abusive comments regarding the Staten Island, New York, native while his affair with Kim Kardashian, his former wife, heated up.

While Davidson has not officially acknowledged the duo’s spat, a source said he has chosen a “mature path.” Davidson was originally connected to the Catching Up With the Kardashians star in October 2021, following her hosting appearance on the variety show.

In February, a source told Us, “Pete is keeping distance from Kanye.” “He is not scared of him; he really doesn’t want to be a part of a divorce drama.”

The Big Time Teenager star recently made news on a September 2018 broadcast of Saturday Night Live after criticizing West’s “Make America Great Again” statements delivered a week before.

“Do you realize how far off the mark you must be on politics for someone like myself to notice?” Davidson commented in an interview on “Weekend Update,” blasting Donald Trump’s remarks. “Do you realize how irritating that is?” Kanye West is a genius, but he is a great musician. I know you are like, ‘Yo, that’s the actual me; I am off the drugs,’ but you should take [those]. In medicine, there is no such thing as the shadow.”

“Being mentally sick is not a reason to act like such a jerk,” Davidson added, wearing a “Make Kanye 2006 Again” baseball cap throughout the program. “I am quoting my mother, therapist ,and mailman.”

Despite West’s efforts for a reunion, Kardashian’s and comedian’s friendship has grown stronger. Kardashian decided to divorce West in February after about seven years of marriage and has now been proclaimed legally single.

In February, a source revealed to Us, “Kim and Pete are strong enough in their very own relationship and will not allow hateful remarks to ruin what they have.” “She is depending on him until Kanye is having jealousy issues.” Kim and Pete are making an effort not to respond to the spotlight. She has spoken everything she wanted to say.”

Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney had said their goodbyes to their long-running SNL roles during Saturday night’s “Weekend Update” section and cold open.

“All right, Earth. McKinnon, 38, sadly closed the frigid open with, “I love you; thanks for allowing me to stay and chat.” “It is Saturday Night Live, Live from New York.”