5 Things To Learn From “Gossip Girl” Star Black Lively


Despite the reputation of the Hollywood bombshell, Black Lively is also a strong personality, a mother of three children and an experienced businesswoman.

When she was a kid, she was The President of the Class, and now her net worth is $30 million. She went to school only at 3 years old, but she doesn’t have a college degree now. She dated Leonardo di Caprio in 2011 but now she is happily married to “Deadpool” hero Ryan Reynolds. There were many underwater rocks in Black’s career, but she always managed to stay afloat. That’s why we have a lot to learn from the actress.

  1. Black Lively supports traditional family values and puts the family first. The blonde is a fan of Martha Stewart, TV host and writer, who has gained fame and fortune through family-making advice. Also, Lively and Marta both support their spare vision of a strong and happy family. Black always tries to give a great deal of attention to her loved ones and makes every effort to do the best for her family. She loves children and considers parenting the best gift of fate. Although Black has a very tight schedule, she and Ryan Reynolds never work at the same time, so one of the parents can take care of the children.
  2. The pair have three lovely girls – Inez, James, and Betty and they are not going to stop on the number of kids. They want more children!
  3. Even though Black is a mother with many children, she is also an irreplaceable actress! Blake has been acting since childhood. She takes her job with all the gravity, that’s why she even kissed on set for the first time! At 16, she first kissed a boy not because she was in love, but because it was written in the script.
  4. Films and serials starring Lively have been popular for decades, and she also has one of the highest royalties in Hollywood! She even receives $50,000 for only visiting the fashion show.
  5. Blake is a real heartbreaker! She won the hearts of one of the most bizarre bachelors in the world. In 2011, she dated Leo DiCaprio, who even presented her with a car Toyota Prius. But she chose Ryan Reynolds over him. Then, in 2012 Lively married Ryan Reynolds. He gave her a 12-carat designer ring from Lorraine Schwartz, worth $2 million.
  6. Even though Black has a sweet tooth, she is always in great shape, as she constantly does sports. Although she has good metabolism, she always keeps herself in physical shape. She even personally performed most of the stunts in the 2016 movie “The Shallows” where she starred. Blake wanted to act in the scene herself, without stunt doubles. Lively did the stunts that usually require stuntmen. Fearless actress directly insisted on this. She also heroically agreed to shoot underwater. Excellent preparation helped her to hold out underwater for much more than a minute. Her co-star, Matti Leshem, says “She’s a downright superwoman”.