11 Reasons Why We Love Metrosexual Couples


Metrosexual is often associated with feminine men that can appreciate Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and have a good relationship with the manicurist. This might sound like an exaggeration but actually metrosexual men are extremely hot property, with many women hoping to get themselves one.

Even if you’re not in a metrosexual relationship you should love them for their originality and unique outlook on life. This list will give you more than enough reasons to fall in love with the new age couple, or make you want to be in one.

You Can Both Appreciate The Value of Expensive Skincare

If you are in a metrosexual relationship you will both understand how important it is to take care of your skin. There will never be the argument of how much money a bottle of hand lotion cost when you are in this type of relationship (hooray!).


One of the best parts is that metrosexual couples help each other look after their bodies. From exfoliation to daily foot scrubs, these couples are likely to have glowing skin all year round. They are more likely to argue about whose turn it is to use the bathroom sink than how much they spent on skincare products.

They Become Gym Buddies

Metrosexual couples will generally be very fit. Compared with other guys, metrosexual men place a lot of importance on physical appearance so he is going to join you (and even motivate) at the gym. Instead of beers and nachos on a Friday night, these couples get their daily workout in before bedtime.


Why is that so great? Keeping fit is extremely important for mind, body and soul. Metrosexual couples are eager to live longer, healthier lives and their gym routine keeps them in great shape. It also bonds you as a couple, giving you more things to do together, which strengthens your relationship too.

They Are The Most Fashionable People You Will Meet

You can spot a metrosexual couple a mile away. They are probably both wearing extremely in fashion clothing as well as looking like they didn’t make too much of an effort in the morning. Metrosexual men can give their female partners great advice on what to wear for a night out.


For women, having a metrosexual man will be like hanging out with your girlfriends who help you choose your outfits. And for men, your metrosexual girlfriend will be able to pull off those boyfriend jeans so well that all of your friends will be jealous.

Watching Films Will Be More Enjoyable (For Both of You)

Being in a metrosexual relationship will mean that watching films becomes much more enjoyable. No longer will men feel like they have to put on a macho film just because they should. These couples can cosy up on the couch with a good old rom-com that will make your sides hurt from laughing.


Being in a metrosexual relationship will mean that you can talk about Bridget Jones’ Diary and reflect on the troubles she has and actually be understood. And a metrosexual man is more likely to take the hint and attempt to copy an elaborate display of affection (just like in the movies).

Home Cooked Food Never Tasted Better

Your average metrosexual couples know how to enjoy food. This means that if you are invited for dinner expect something a bit fancier than pizza and chips. They pride themselves on knowing how to cook mom’s favorite casserole dish, with an extra modern spice in it.


The reason why they are the best is because as a couple they are more likely to try out different diets and detoxes. Being in a metrosexual relationship will mean that your partner is likely to motivate you to detox once a month rather than tease you with a tub of ice cream.

This Couple Knows How to Party

If you are a metrosexual couple, or you know someone that is, you will for sure know what it means to party. And I don’t mean clubhouse dance music. This couple will be on the dancefloor rocking it out to One Direction and Taylor Swift.


Metrosexual couples don’t care what people think, they love life and know how to party. Pop music would be the only car music they listen to and are able to appreciate the talent of Justin Timberlake. Now that is a couple you want to go out with.

Crying Is Not A Weakness

In a lot of relationship crying is seen as a sign of weakness, from either gender. In metrosexual partnerships you will find that they allow crying as a form of expression and are able to console each other without freaking out.


What makes metrosexuals so awesome is that there is very little judgement when it comes to showing emotions. Even if it is over something ridiculous, this couple support each other no matter what. Even having them as friends means that you will always have someone to console you over a broken nail.

They Laugh Over Our Favorite TV Sitcoms

Knowing a metrosexual couple or actually being one of them means that you can enjoy talking about and watching all of the Kardashian Series 9 back to back. Most people would not understand the urge to do this, but metrosexual couples will love debating over who is better, Khloe or Kim?


No more Saturday night being taken over by soccer or fighting over who gets to watch the TV first, now both people in the relationship will enjoy watching The Kardashians AND New Girl. This type of relationship will reduce your fights by half for sure.

Online Shopping Just Got Better

Most girls understand how amazing online shopping is. You like, you buy, you try, and if it doesn’t fit you send it back. No more queuing or fighting for that last pair of shorts. The majority of men would call online shopping a waste of money, but metrosexual couples are different.


These couples will actually encourage each other to shop online, alerting their partners to the deal of the day or that item they MUST buy. Knowing how to have fun is one of the most appealing aspects of being in a metrosexual relationship without the petty fights or judgmental looks.

They Have The Coolest Kids

The children of metrosexuals are going to be brought up in a way that is very modern and refreshing. They will not judge others by the way they look, their clothes or their financial status. Metrosexuals are the new age hippies, and their children are our future generations.


Not only will their kids be free spirits, they will also be the kids that have the coolest parents. If you’re not in a metrosexual relationship, get ready to be jealous because your kid is going to talk about those parents all of the time. And why aren’t you more like them?

Their House Is Spotless

If you have ever been invited to a house of a metrosexual couple you will know what I mean. Most people don’t mind having a couple of hairs around the bathroom sink, or a towel or two lying on their bedroom floor. Metrosexuals pride themselves on being super clean and tidy and their house is their showroom.


The funny thing is they don’t have to try and be clean, they just are. So you can even go over to their place on a surprise visit and their house will look better than yours on a good day. They will be able to give you tips and ideas for storage, so make the most of your metrosexual friends, who knows maybe you will become one too.