These Hollywood Stars Look Just Like Their Famous Grandparents


Family heirlooms and inheritances can often become a source of conflict between relatives. It’s a sad reality that plenty of relationships have turned sour because of arguments over the division of wealth. While people may not always inherit the tangible assets they’re after, there is an aspect of inheritance handled entirely by nature. We’re talking, of course, about the family resemblances that keep people connected, even when there are many years standing between them.

These aesthetic qualities are only to be expected between siblings and parents and children, but there are a unique few who skip a generation or two when passing on certain distinctive traits. The multi-generational lookalikes we’re about to introduce you to raise another interesting question: What if intangible traits such as talent, personality, and success are passed on along with the obvious physical ones? Given the remarkable talent of these celebrities, this hypothesis is entirely possible. Read on to learn more about the old-school stars whose equally famous grandchildren resemble them in looks and in talent.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Grandson: Quinn Tivey

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most loved movie stars of the 20th century. Her lovely face captivated the world, particularly thanks to her unique, violet-hued irises – the result of a rare genetic mutation that also gave her two rows of luscious eyelashes!


The British-American actress married eight times, and although she died in 2011, her sweet memory lives on. In fact, her grandson Quinn Tivey is the perfect male version of her. Tivey is the son of Liza Todd, Taylor’s only child. He serves as one of the trustees of his grandmother’s charitable organization, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.