Hollywood Celebs Donate $8.1million to Get Hillary Clinton Back to The White House


Everyone has probably heard about Hillary Clinton’s race for presidential election. She is now being supported by the likes of Elon Must (Tesla) Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook) and even Hollywood heavy weights Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio. One of the biggest donors to help Hillary win the race came from Jeffrey Katzenberg, Dreamworks CEO.

The favorite woman in the Democratic Party has now raised $8.1million in California, which is a significant 17% from her total fundraising of last quarter. Clinton has now over $47 million to help establish her as the number one amongst 5 other candidates in her party.


This undeniable support in California is something the Democratic Party have always valued, often seeking the backing of wealthy entrepreneurs and entertainment industry leaders. Celebrities such as Tobey Maguire, Dakota Fanning and Ben Affleck also appeared on the fundraiser list.

This financial support didn’t just stop with the big fish in the industry; regular employees from various companies donated their hard earned money to Clinton’s campaign. Around 100 employees from Google donated $57,000, including a nice present from YouTubes CEO Susan Wojcicki.