Grocery Stores Are The New Red Carpet – These Crazy Outfits Are Proof


When did dressing up for the grocery store become a big deal? Well, we live in a world that promotes creativity, freedom of expression, and independence. We may not put on our loveliest gowns and suits every time we have to do a grocery run to buy milk and diapers, but we will make sure we look decent.

Though this may be the case for most people, there are some who treat every grocery store dash as a red carpet event. We get it, they want to look nice, but one look at the pictures below and you’ll be wondering why they went so over the top when all they need is a packet of chips or some household staples like fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Like any good red carpet event, there are a few outfit wins and some epic outfit fails. Either way, if you happened to wheel up to the counter about the same time as any of these lovely ladies, you would probably glance down and rethink your own outfit. After all, grocery stores are a vital part of our communities – they provide us with the things we need to survive along with all the ingredients we need to create social events. So, why not dress up a little and make the shopping itself a social event?

Hot Pink Pants

The first outfit on the list has left us speechless. This lady is loud and proud in her fashion choices, even when she’s just stopping in at the grocery store. Her super-tight bright pink pants and crop top make it hard to avoid staring. Indeed, someone even felt the need to snap this picture.

She’s checking out the healthy greens in the produce aisle, and it makes sense. Now we understand why she looks so fit and fab! Considering how crazy some of the outfits to come are, this is actually a pretty nice place to start.