Facts You Didn’t Know About Dreams


The Worst Feeling You Can Experience is Sleep Paralysis

It probably has happened to you at least once in your life. If it hasn’t happened then you should think yourself lucky. Sleep paralysis is probably the worst experience you can have whilst dreaming. Some people experience it as they wake up and they cannot move, this is the brain waking up before the body.


Others will experience a terrible feeling of anxiety as they come out of their dreams, which is caused by an overactive amygdala which is the control over the fight or flight response. No one has been able to explain what makes you susceptible to this terrible affliction.

Sleepwalking is Stranger Than You Think

Sleepwalking is a rare phenomenon that not many people understand or have experienced. Though those that are inflicted by it have sometimes done some very strange things. These include people like Lee Hadwin that draws masterpieces in his sleep, though in his real life he has never learned art. Other strange acts have been more morbid, which has had people drive miles in order to murder their family or even jump from windows.


Animal Dreams

If you have a pet you might have seen this happen once or twice. It is a well-known fact that pets dream too, and you can often see dogs chase cats in their sleep. It makes you wonder how close we really are to our furry friends if we share even the most personal characteristics with them.


Dreaming Helps You Learn

If you have an important test one week, you might want to turn to your bed rather than your books. According to recent studies, when you dream, it is easier for the brain to solve problems and process new information. The research found that the quieter and technology free your bedroom is, the more learning you can do in your sleep.